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SEO Guide on Rewriting Old Article

The regular update for old posts promotes web content in an effective manner so as to enhance the post readability. That is especially great for some content-heavy websites. Many webmasters are wondering about what should be updated and how to do it perfectly. This guide introduces the tips and tricks for that purpose.

Check & Correct Grammatical Mistakes

Check and Correct Grammatical ErrorsGrammatical mistakes are of frequent occurrence, especially for old posts written by green hands. Due to the lack of writing experience, they are hard to avoid making some mistakes. The most effective method to detect errors in a post is an online grammar check tool, like Grammarly.

Copy & paste a post on the grammar checker and then correct all grammatical errors one by one when prompted. Pay close attention to the typos, spelling errors, misnomer, wordiness and unclear antecedent. In addition to detecting errors of each post, you should also work hard for writing skill improvement.

By the way, the posts with low-quality content should also be updated, which commonly come with confused text structure, superficial conception and rigid expression.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links commonly appear when the original page is deleted or disabled. As that happens, readers cannot be directed to the appointed page when clicking the given link. It brings bad reading experience for visitors. Some helpful link checkers play an important role in this case, which help you check and fix broken links with ease.

Once a link is broken, the link checker would send an email to inform you which post includes a broken link and attach a URL of the inaccessible page. Check and fix the broken link once it is detected.

Clean Up Duplicated Topics

Clean Up Duplicated ContentThe new release of Google Panda hates the websites full of duplicated and low-quality content. The site being punished is hard to rank at the front search results page. As thus, the topic of an article should be unique and fresh. However, with an increasing number of posts published on your website, some so-called new topics may be the same with old ones.

For example, “How to Find a Good Web Host” and “What You Should Consider When Selecting a Web Host” should be one and the same thing. Delete one of them and merge one article to another properly. That depends.

Update Time-Specific Posts

The time-specific posts, like holiday promotions, news and products award, should be updated or even deleted when they are out of date. For instance, you have written a post for the showcase of Thanksgiving promotions in 2014. Since all promotions become invalid after the festival, you should delete this post in real time.

For some product reviews, if there is a price update for an item, you should seek out all posts with the previous pricing information mentioned and update them one by one. Make sure that each post delivers precise information to visitors.

Lengthen WordPress Old Posts

With the passage of time, it is normal that some information needs to be altered. The old-fashioned information drives audience away from your website. On the other hand, another useful tip is to lengthen the old posts. That is to say, you can add new information to the old posts. Under normal circumstances, the words you add to an old post should be at least 150. Otherwise, there will be no significant influence brought by the new information.

Delete Spam Comments

Comment area is a place where spammers can decrease your website traffic by leaving spam comments. They not only drag down your credibility but also damage your website aesthetics. Thus it is a good thing to delete spam comments when you update WordPress old posts.

Improve readability

Sentences should be easy to understand for most readers. When updating the old posts, you need to check whether it is possible for you to improve readability. Each paragraph should be controlled by no more than 6 lines and each sentence is advised to include less than 20 words. The final goal is to maximize reading experience.

Resize the Images with Improper Size

An image relevant to the main idea of an article has the ability to highlight the post and arouse readers’ interests. That should be in a proper size. With the revision of a website, the size of some old images may be no longer fit for the size of a web page, either large of small. To enable a great reading experience for visitors, it is necessary to resize the images that are aligning with the web page size and make each image SEO-friendly.

Besides resizing the off-size images, the modification on image caption and alt text should also be taken into consideration. Some image optimization plugins come in handy as well, like WordPress SEO for Image, Bulk Resize Media and Resize Image after Upload.

SEO-Friendly Image

Final Thoughts – How to Boost Traffic for Old Posts

Having all posts updated, you should set about showing those results to your visitors in real time. Refer to the following tips and encourage readers to pay attention to each old post once more.

– Display Featured Posts in the Homepage

With an increasing number of posts published, some old posts of great value are forgotten in somewhere of your website. To draw readers’ attention again, you are required to add the function of featured posts showcase to your website and then display some old but popular posts in the homepage.

Before everything, make sure that the selected posts are worth reading and deliver useful information to readers. Check over the article, especially in the aspects of what we’ve mentioned above.

– Reshare Old Posts via Social Media Platform

Reshare Old Posts on Social Media PlatformsSocial networking is a great platform to share anything with your followers and that is a great way to reshared old posts. Select some old posts with high readability and be active to share them with your followers on the social media platforms. In this way, the old posts will get wide attention once again and the site traffic will be boosted as well.

– Add Internal Links to Old Posts

Learn how to interlink old posts properly and that has been regarded as one of the best methods for better SEO. If there is a newly edited post mentioning content relevant to an old post, you are required to add an internal link to the relevant words and make it link to the old post.

For example, we’ve just written a post “How to Update WordPress Safely?” and it mentions the way to backup a website. We add a link that is directed to the post “How to Backup Your Website” to this new posts. When visitors get up to the words with an internal link, they can click it and get more information from the directed post.

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