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SiteBuilder Review

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In the following SiteBuilder review, we will illustrate its features, templates, prices, reliability and speed as well as customer service. Also, in the end, we will give our conclusion on whether we recommend it or not.

SiteBuilder ( is a growing website builder that focuses on responsive sites—those can change to fit both desktop and mobile screens. With this website builder, people can produce a beautiful and functional website without having to understand technicalities like code or others. The most superiority of SiteBuilder should be its low cost, which starts from only $2.30 each month.

SiteBuilder Feature Review

SiteBuilder has a user-friendly drag and drop editor allowing people to add any element to their websites. The moment people entering the dashboard, they can find two bars at the top and side respectively. These bars include all controls and tools that are permanently displayed in the editor. They can drag any element under the sidebar and then drop it anywhere they wish on the site. The top bar has a view switcher, as standard it will be set to view people’s websites in desktop mode. By clicking the mobile icon, people can preview the page on a mobile screen.

Besides, SiteBuilder offers multiple marketing tools for paid customers. Google Analytics gives users the ability to analyze their websites traffic in more depth; SEO Tool Center includes many useful tools like on-site SEO, SEO eBook, XML Site Map, keyword density and etc. that are mainly used to optimize users’ websites for search engines to result in a higher rankings; and the free Ad credits can instantly increase traffic to people’s sites and improve their businesses’ prominence online.


More than that, SiteBuilder even offers SocialBooster for users to add to their sites. This service is completed with automatic publishing, content discovery, growth & engagement metrics. With it, users don’t need to maintain an active presence with regular updates for their audience by their own, because SocialBoost will do these as a replacement. As a result, people have more time to concentrate on growing other areas of their businesses and websites. However, this service is not included in SiteBuilder packages, so people need to pay $49.95 per year to get it.

SiteBuilder Theme and Template Review

SiteBuilder provides thousands of free templates that are professional and tailored to different business sectors and types of consumers. Addition to that, all templates at SiteBuilder are 100% customizable so that users can design them the way they like.

In details, a template is often divided into several sections, containing header, body and footer. People can add or remove any part according to their needs. Likewise, if they don’t like the background or the existing layouts, they just need to change it in a few clicks. Or, they can also resize each section of the template by changing the height and padding.

SiteBuilder Pricing Review

Like many industry-leading website builders, SiteBuilder offers a 100% free package allowing people to have a free sub domain, free templates, and free editor as well. Apart from that, it has four premium plans for users to upgrade. And to make its price more affordable and attract more users, SiteBuilder gives special discounts for different billing terms. Take its 2-year plans as an example, all packages are offered a special promotion except the Personal plan. Here we list the prices as follows:

  • Personal plan— $8.99/mo;
  • Pro plan – $2.30/mo, after 70% off regular price $7.68/mo;
  • Premium plan – $3.59/mo, after 70% off regular price $11.98/mo;
  • eCommerce plan – $5.54/mo, after 70% off regular price $18.45/mo.


When upgrading to a premium plan, users can remove the Ads banner and receive a free domain name for life, as well as $375 free Ad credits. Other good features like free email, SEO tools, and eCommerce store are also included in certain packages.

In terms of payment, people have multiple options to choose from. They can pay with PayPal or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX.

SiteBuilder Reliability and Speed Review

SiteBuilder adheres to the most stringent industry standards when it comes to the reliability and speed. It hosts all websites across its world-class servers. To guarantee that all sites won’t go down, the company has made great efforts to ensure that all servers have redundant backup power sources.

SiteBuilder Customer Support Review

Customer service is where SiteBuilder excels. At this company, all users can find an extensive knowledgebase covering almost all kinds of questions and tutorials to help them along their way. For paid customers, they can also email SiteBuilder’s support team to get help if they fail to find the answers to their questions in the knowledgebase.

Do We Recommend SiteBuilder?

Honestly, yes. Why not? It has over 1000 well-designed templates and various levels to suit different website building. More importantly, it provides quite affordable prices for each package aside from its free option. As a result, we are glad to recommend SiteBuilder to all users and we hope this website builder will help them make a good start with their web experience.

If you are looking for more information about SiteBuilder, just visit to check out.


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