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SiteGround Review

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In this SiteGround review, we will focus on its shared hosting and make a deep analysis on its features, price, reliability and customer service to figure out whether the company is a good option for people to host their websites.

Since 2004, SiteGround ( provides its customers with the handcrafted web hosting services. The services are with SiteGround love to customers and web hosting. Due to that, SiteGround has been hosted more than 450,000 domains and this number is still growing very fast.

As SiteGround customers, you could find shared web hosting, Cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting from them. Besides, you could also reseller their hosting solutions to make some extra money if you love their service.

Right now, SiteGround has 3 data centers worldwide.

SiteGround Deals

The latest promotion from Siteground is that 60% off on its shared web hosting. The list price is at $9.95/mo, and now, by following this SiteGround promo link, you can receive 60% off, after which the price could be low to $3.95/mo only.

SiteGround Promo SiteGround Promo
60% Off

Besides this 60% ofo deal, the customers could also receive 10% off on VPS hosting or 5% off on dedicated server.

Like some industry-leading web hosting providers, SiteGround also guarantee 30 day money back. In this way, if customers are not satisfied with their accounts, they can freely cancel their accounts within 30 days, then the company will refund with no question asked.

SiteGround Review on Reliability and Speed

In the respect of reliability, SiteGround guarantee 99.9% uptime to all its customers.

The company places its data centers in three continents, North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Its data centers provide multiple failover options, such as independent power feeds and more. In addition to multiple power feeds, all data centers have their own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. The company claims that it creates unique downtime prevention software, which can not only monitor each servers’ status in real time, but also resolves more than 90% of server performance issues instantly with zero human interaction.


SiteGround is one of a few companies who have redundant servers as well as server replacement parts in case of server failure. More than that, Siteground don’t wait for official server software patches to vulnerabilities. Instead, it writes patches immediately when it detects vulnerabilities. SiteGround takes advantage of other measures to ensure maximum safety of data hosted in its servers, such as unique account isolation technology, anti-hack systems, 24/7 human security, etc.

Moreover, SiteGround applies CloudFlare CDN but does not charge customers again. Thus, website visitors from any place will experience reliable and fast page loading.

SiteGround Hosting Service Review

Shared Web Hosting

In below, we will make a review aimed at SiteGround shared web hosting to explain why it is one of Best Web Hosting. Readers will learn this review from the price value, uptime, speed and customer support. Let’s take a look:

SiteGround Shared Web Hosting Feature Review

SiteGround has 3 shared hosting solutions, which are StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. All 3 shared hosting solutions are based on Linux operating system, including:

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • PHP 7, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, etc.
  • Perl, Python;
  • SuperCache, CDN, SSH Access;
  • FTP, daily backup;

What’s more, SiteGround provides its customers with the enhanced cPanel, which has default features as well as customized features by SiteGround engineers. Besides, Softaculous installer is also improved to support the installation of over 300 applications within clicks.


SiteGround Shared Web Hosting Review on Price Value

SiteGround shared hosting is up to 60% off now. The regular price of StartUp solution is $9.95/mo. Via SiteGround promotion, customers need to pay $3.95/mo at last and create 1 website based on unlimited databases, 10 GB space and unlimited data transfer. SiteGround offers unlimited sub domains and parked domains as well. Moreover, customers do not need to pay for setup again. No matter which solution they purchase, they will register 1 domain for free as long as they keep contract with SiteGround.

In addition to that, SiteGround shared hosting has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, via which people could ask for a refund within the first 30 days.


Overall, SiteGround shared web hosting has several significant advantages: reliability, premium support, affordable prices, and 30 days money back guarantee. Its StartUp solution comes with high price value, which is best for personal websites with monthly visits less than 10 thousand. In the case of more visits, people had better go for SiteGround other 2 solutions or other web hosting providers.

Please visit Siteground to learn more details of SiteGround.

VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is powerful enough for websites with small traffic. However, if one site attracts large traffic and has high requirements on security, then cloud hosting is better than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated servers. That’s why numerous businesses choose cloud hosting services for their websites.

SiteGround is a web hosting provider, who just offers people cloud hosting services. In this post, we will further introduce and analyze SiteGround cloud hosting from features, pricing, performance as well as customer services to see whether it is an alternative.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Features

SiteGround has 4 cloud hosting packages in all, respectively called Entry, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise from low to high level. Besides, SiteGround allows customers to create their plans. It is quite flexible. We take Entry cloud hosting package as an example: customers will receive 1×3.0 CPU core, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 20 GB disk space and 5 TB bandwidth. Or customers could add more cores, RAM and space as they like according to their needs.

Moreover, SiteGround cloud hosting is based on the premium Linux platform with SSD disks. PHP even have 5 versions, like the latest v5.5 and v5.4. In addition, all packages of SiteGround Cloud hosting consists of 1 dedicated IP, 1 free private SSL, 1 free domain name registration and SSH access.

cPanel with Softaculous automatic installer is a good helper for users on the management and app installation. They will install WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. by 1 click, which is easy and simple. Furthermore, daily backups are beneficial to prevent the data from losing.


SiteGround Cloud Hosting Pricing

Because of flexible features, SiteGround cloud hosting pricing varies as well. The lowest pricing is $60 every month. If people purchase it now, they will save 10% off to pay $54/mo. This 10% off promotion is not limited on the Entry package while it is applied to all SiteGround cloud hosting packages. Therefore, if people are interested in SiteGround cloud hosting, now it is the best time to purchase with 10% off.


SiteGround cloud hosting is fully customizable, flexible and feature-rich. Reliability, speed, security and customer support are top level. Though the pricing is a little high, SiteGround cloud hosting is a recommendable option if people require a high performance cloud hosting. For more, please visit Siteground.

Dedicated Server

SiteGround offer one of the best Dedicated Server in the industry

Abounding Features of SiteGround Dedicated Servers

SiteGround dedicated servers are broken into 3 packages, which are all fully managed by SiteGround outstanding staffs. The Entry Server package gives rich features as following:

  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 5 TB bandwidth
  • 500 GB SATAII HDD space
  • Free domain name
  • 5 dedicated IPs for free
  • WordPress and Joomla extras
  • Private DNS

SiteGround Power Server and Enterprise Server contain more advanced and abounding features than the listed features above, such as 4x500GB SATA III / RAID 10 HDD in the Enterprise package. In addition, SiteGround offers CentOS operating system based on MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL databases, with the help of 5 PHP versions, including v5.5, v5.4, v5.3, and so on.


Reasonable Pricing of SiteGround Dedicated Servers

SiteGround Dedicated server is a little expensive, but considering its features and performance, the pricing is reasonable. The Entry Server charges at $229 per month. Billing cycles are short terms and quite flexible, consisting of monthly payment, 3-month payment and 6-month payment. If customers sign up for 6 months, then they will save 5% off each month and the pricing starts from $217.5/mo.


Along with the care to customers’ needs, SiteGround crafts one high price value dedicated server hosting, which performance is especially marvelous, though the pricing is a little high. For more SiteGround dedicated server hosting information, check out Siteground.

Reseller Hosting

In below, we will introduce SiteGround reseller hosting to explain why it could be an option when people pick up reseller hosting to gain money.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Is Fully Featured

To better help resellers sell hosting solutions, SiteGround provides non-branded cPanel control panel and private DNS, which resellers will brand their own company names to enhance the credibility. Besides, every reseller account will contain:

  • 10 GB web space
  • 1 hosted website
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

Surly, resellers will easily upgrade to gain more features when their business expand. Moreover, SiteGround gives its resellers multiple PHP versions including the latest 7.0 release, Perl, Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Additionally, free daily backup, free SSH access, SSL certificate, isolated accounts etc. are features in SiteGround reseller hosting package to ensure data security. As for the app installation, Softaculous is given to 1-click install all popular apps that webmasters dream of.


SiteGround Unique Payment for its Affordable Reseller Hosting

SiteGround reseller hosting is lowest at $42/credit. Credits here need prepaid. They are used for SiteGround reseller account activation as well as renewal at any time. One credit means one year hosting. For the initial term, customers have to purchase 5 credits at least and then they can purchase credit numbers as they like, even if one credit is allowed to buy. In general, more credits customers buy in bulk, more saving they will get. The detail is in below:

  • 1-4 credits: $49/credit
  • 5-10 credits: $45/credit
  • Over 11 credits: $42/credit

Furthermore, since SiteGround reseller credit will never expire, we suggest that customers had better purchase over 11 credits in bulk to save $7 per credit.


SiteGround is a great reseller hosting provider in the light of reviews we making above. Visit SiteGround to know more details.

SiteGround Review on Support

SiteGround offers technical support for customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in case they are confused and urgent for solutions. In order to let customers have a good support experience, SiteGround opens 3 support channels: live chat, phone and ticket, backed by the top level staffs. In average, they will deal with more than 1,000 support requests and the handing results always satisfy customers. More than that, SiteGround has online resources, informative enough for customers seeking for answers, like SiteGround tutorials, webinars, setup guide etc.

SiteGround provides more and faster support than its competitors. Customers will get SiteGround support not only on the hosting scope, but also on the non-hosting scope that many web hosting providers do not support, like software issues. Moreover, SiteGround has systems to pick up the most of serious problems in minutes.

Host WordPress with SiteGround

Nowadays, most of webmaster use WordPress to build their websites, and SiteGround hosting service support WordPress perfectly.You could consider its managed WordPress hosting service at a relatively high price, but you can use its shared hosting, and VPS hosting to setup a WordPress site by yourself without any problem.

SiteGround Hosting is 100% Compatible with WordPress

If webmasters choose SiteGround to host their websites, they are free to choose three hosting plans, StarUP, GrowBig and GoGeek based on their own needs.

In fact, SiteGround is powerful enough to offer ample features to its WordPress hosting customers no matter what hosting plan they choose and these features are 100% compatible with WordPress.

Let’s take the entry level plan, StarUP as an example. It contains 10 GB disk space, 1 website, 1 free domain name, WordPress auto-updater, WordPress security plugin, secure account isolation, and unlimited data transfer, email accounts and MySQL databases.

At the same time, it can also provide its users with free WordPress install and transfer, SSH access and free CloudFlare CDN, which is great for fast loading speed. In addition, easy to use control panel, cPanel also comes to webmasters to help them manage their accounts, websites, data and more easily.

What’s more, SiteGround StarUp also supports multiple PHP versions, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP memory_limit is set to be 64 MB, supports, Apache mod_rewrite, Zend Optimizer, php runs as suPHP, shell access and .htaccess overrides and some other features.


The Overall Performance Guaranteed by SiteGround Is Good

There is no doubt that all web hosting companies know that the high performance environment is one of the key factors for webmasters to achieve online success, so does SiteGround.

The company takes advantage of three data centers on three continents, Chicago, IL, Singapore, SG and Amsterdam, NL. Each data center is fully equipped with custom-optimized server configuration, top of the line hardware as well as multiple failover options, such as unique independent power feeds.

In addition, the company has a team of technicians who make efforts to maintain the performance of the servers. They monitor the servers day and night to make sure that all webmasters can run their websites smoothly.

Excellent Technical Support for SiteGround WordPress Hosting Customers

SiteGround is a well-known web host that pays high attention to the requirements of webmasters, so the company claims that it can offer excellent technical support to webmasters, especially for those who have little web hosting experience.

As we all know that direct support is the most useful way for webmasters to deal with their issues. At SiteGround, there are some popular efficient supporting methods for them to contact the support staffs if they encounter some problems, including email, phone and live chat.

The company promises that all of the support staffs are well trained and they can always help clients get their problems resolved in a quick, patient and courtesy manner. In this way, there is no need for SiteGround WordPress hosting customers to worry that they cannot get responsive assistance.

SiteGround Review Summary

SiteGround offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. Freom above review, we could see SiteGround shared hosting has high price value. Also, the company supports customers via worldwide data centers, advanced technology and efficient support.

If customers want to know more information about SiteGround, they can visit SiteGround.



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  1. SiteGround is best for everyone who all are looking for the best and seamless hosting plan. They offer different plans. So, you can choose any from the options available. Easy website building, smooth website transfer, and flexibility are the main reasons to choose their service over others. I am using SiteGround for a year now and I am super happy with their service.

    • They worked for me like a friend and always guided me properly in my journey of data managing for my website. They give priority to their customers and make themselves readily available. I am proud of my choice and want to give full credits of success to SITE GROUND. They do as promised in respect of 99.9% uptime, technical support, high speed, and reliability.

  2. Want to enjoy a seamless website, I recommend this website. I am using their website for over a year and they have never let me and my business to go down, this has caused my worries to go away in no time. I had opted this website after my friend recommended this site to me and the choice I had made was right. Customer care is good and they satisfy their customers very well.

    • My decision of choosing SiteGround for hosting my website was one of my best decisions. I am really happy with the site ground and the kind of service they provide. I have been using their services for the last three years. Their video tutorials and customer services always helped me whenever I faced any issues.

  3. I had been putting off my site migration for long, but I desperately needed it. SiteGround technicians have helped me migrate my website easily. The process was made easy and I did not face any problems. I also did not miss out on any business opportunities because the work was executed very fast.

    • SiteGround is perfect for me as I was looking for a very simple and easy web hosting service that can be handled by me. I am happy that I came to know about SiteGround right then. This is a great web hosting service that comes at a very affordable rate. They offer several plans including, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting.

  4. If you want to enjoy a seamless website, this is the one to check out for that. I am using SiteGround for a really long time and they never disappointed me anyhow. The service, excellent support, advanced tools, services and other features are very helpful to start a website from scratch.

    • I am using siteGround to run my small website and it is performing up to the mark. I am using it for 6 months now and I must say that they are offering good service to make my website run successfully. Features like seamless website building, easy website transfer and 24/7 hours support helped me a lot.

  5. Siteground makes it a difference by providing genuine power generators in the data centers which helped my site to be online 24×7. The server of Siteground are basically operated without much of human interference. Thus they are basically glitch free. I was also offered CDN service provider as well as SSL certification for my web portal which helped me to make my site secured.

    • Website building, website transfer and growing audiences became much simpler with the inception of several great hosting services and SiteGround is definitely one of them. Their service is designed such a great way to help the users perfectly. I am using their service for almost two years and I am super happy by their service.

  6. When I first looked at the services of SiteGround and the monthly price which they are offering, I was unable to believe it. I was able to get a wide range of management services unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with genuine customer care services for a price tag of $3.95 on a monthly basis.

    • Wow!!! Siteground has offered me a great deal of hosting services through the cloud, shared web as well as dedicated hosting servers. Furthermore, Siteground also has 3 datacenters through the world, this gave me peace of mind as I was able to keep my data in a secured manner. Through Siteground, I was able to get impeccable SSL security for my website.

    • I am using SiteGround web hosting service for almost a year and they never let me down in my business. I love their service and the way they treat their customers. Website building and managing is not a tough task anymore. They offer all kind of basic and advanced tools to make things really simple. Their service comes with several plans which suit different business needs.

    • Siteground offers a platform for commercial and blogging websites. I was able to create an interactive website with just one click. The CDN service of Siteground made my website super fast and through the help of PHP 7, I created unique and easy to navigate a website for my customers. Siteground provides numerous WordPress tools and daily backup plans which provide me peace of mind.

    • I use SiteGround to run my WordPress blog. It has been very reliable and I received prompt support from the customer support team for any questions or help I needed. I chose them for their performance with respect to uptime and page loading speed which is relatively better than most other web hosts.

    • SiteGround is one of the widely used web hosting sites in the world. It is designed for easy website management. I was looking to start my online business and one of my friends suggested me to start with SiteGround and I have been using their services since last 3 years but it is going really very good. I have not experienced any downtime of my website so far. Great service indeed.

    • I have been using Site Ground for almost 4 years. They host me and all of my client’s websites. Every time I have an issue or a question, they ALWAYS have the answer. Hands down the best hosting company out there. I do not feel like a number; I am a special client every time. 🙂

  7. I am taking the service of SiteGround for a long time and I must admit that I have never found any glitch in their service so far. The team is dedicated, extremely fast and helpful. They are experts in taking your website experience to the next level. Compared to other sites, the prices are also affordable. I highly recommend the services of SiteGround, especially for small and mid businesses.

    • My business was hampering a lot due to lack of management in my WordPress site. I contacted SiteGround and these guys fixed the issue in a matter of days. There approach to taking queries and resolving them is just superb! The website hosting service provider is highly recommended for both small and medium businesses.

    • SiteGround provides daily backup for the website which helps a website to get back on track after a natural or manmade calamity. I am completely amazed by round the clock customer service; this feature had helped me a lot to fix glitches on the website in an effective manner. I also got a chance to create a website on PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.

    • They never fail to impress me with their quick solutions. I do face problems at times but whenever I call them for the support they resolve my problem in no time. Their prices are so affordable and this has helped me save money and yet get the best services.

  8. Website building and managing became much easier and a great credit for this goes to the web hosting services. SiteGround is one such very useful hosting service which comes with excellent features to help you stand and run your business website seamlessly. The technical team is so polite and expertise that they can easily handle all kind of issue in no time.

    • They provide impeccable service of website builder free of cost and also offer 30 days money back guarantee. I was also able to cash in on several tools of WordPress viz. one-click installation, auto-update facility, staging for WordPress, etc. The customer support executives are always there to help.

    • Frankly speaking guys, at first I thought that I must be hallucinating, Siteground provided me CDN service which made my web portal super fast and was able to work on PHP 7. The customer support service of Siteground is just commendable; they helped me fix the glitch in a short time span. Siteground helped me to create mindboggling and user interactive web portal with just one click.

  9. If you love freedom, this is the one to go for. SiteGround is a very simple and easy to handle web hosting service which you can consider hiring if you are going to start your new small online business. I have been highly benefitted through them when I was first starting my online business and they actually helped me a lot.

    • I always like freedom. More interruption is not preferred by me and this is why I went with SiteGround. Here you will get the full freedom to manage your website and this special feature impressed me the most. Other exciting features like free domain, excellent support, performance and more too are among the others reasons to choose it.

  10. Building and managing website became really much simpler these days due to the availability of numbers of powerful hosting services. While the market is filled with so many options, my choice is something different. I use SiteGround from the very beginning and it is highly powerful to keep my website up always. Thanks a lot guys for helping me always.

    • SiteGround has helped strengthen my WordPress Site. Its easy to get and easy to manage customer support has been proved a boon to my website in many ways. The automatic WordPress updates provided by SiteGround makes me spellbound. Highly recommend for small and medium sites. Kudos and congrats on a job well performed!

    • I’ve bееn with Createwebsite just оvеr a уеаr nоw аnd I аm соmрlеtеlуѕаtiѕfiеd ѕо fаr. Sеrviсе was fаѕt аnd hеlрful. They hаvееvеrуthing mоѕt people wоuld nееd tо create and ореrаtе a niсе wеbѕitе. The рriсе is bеttеr соmраrаblе tо any оthеr hоѕting with the ѕаmеԛuаlitу. I рlаn on continuing mу wеb hоѕting with SiteGround in thе foreseeable future.

    • There are a plethora of reasons that I chose SiteGround for my website’s hosting. Ranging right from the price to customer support services, the hosting service provider is at par. I highly recommend SiteGround if you want to update your site in a matter of seconds. The whole team is just wow!

  11. If you are looking for the extremely fast and reliable web hosting service, rely on SiteGround with your eyes shut. Their instant set up process along with rich features made me to choose this service over other similar services. The starting price too is very low which can be afforded by any beginner.

    • It was hard work finding a service provider that I could trust. But I’m so glad that I’ve found the right one. I had so many questions and concerns when I was looking to migrate my website. The customer support took care of each and every little thing and have made the entire process smooth as butter for me!

      • Same for me. SiteGround is one of the best web hosting solutions for the small and medium-sized business enterprise. I am running a small business website and this is now running very successfully. A large part of the credit for this goes to the SiteGround that helped me a lot in my whole career. The starting price is very negligible which can be afforded by people like us easily.

  12. If customization is your requirement then this is the right place to get your web hosting services. With easy to use and quick installation features, my website has got everything that I can manage without any technical help. All thanks to these guys for helping me find the right solution for my web development support.

    • If you are looking for one of the best web hosting service that is easy, fast and scalable as well, SiteGround is the one to check out. Believe me; this service is really good. I am using it for three years and never got any chance to say anything against them. Flexibility is another great feature of this hosting solution that helps you run the business a far simple and smooth way.

  13. SiteGround provides CDN services which will help you create fast websites. Fast downloading websites gives excellent user experience which will help you retain them. You will get 24/7 customer support services plus SSL service. With the help of SSL, you can increase the overall security when online. With SiteGround you also get 30 days money back guarantee.

    • I have a WordPress website that runs quietly well. So, I was looking for a hosting service that can help me out throughout my journey. And this SiteGround came to my rescue. All their technical people are highly expert who can guide the best way to ensure that your website runs seamlessly. What can be expected more than this?

    • If you require an unlimited database and appreciating shared hosting, then you can surely trust them. They have got many offers for the clients like us to make our web hosting interesting. The price you pay is truly affordable and value for money is guaranteed. The plus point is their technical support and team.

  14. SiteGround comes with SSL security which will help you to take payments over the net in a safe manner. You will also get excellent and reliable service of daily backup which helps in data protection. SiteGround also provides interactive website builder which helps to create unique websites. You will also get free of cost SSH services which helps you to transfer encrypted data among different systems.

    • Yes true. Also, You will be offered free of cost backup on a daily basis, plus the servers are very fast and reliable as they are HTTPS/2 enabled. Fast server means faster loading of the site and user retention. SiteGround also provides SSL integration which helps you to take money from your customer and pay to affiliates in an effective manner.

  15. Site Ground has a very pleasing shared hosting plan. It is just great for all sorts of businesses. I have been using Site Ground for a very long time, and everything here is very satisfying. It also has an excellent backend team and customer support team.

  16. I used SiteGround for my first online store creation. To tell you the truth I was amazed by the site’s performance as it was too easy to manage and I was able to create a unique website for my customers. Furthermore, the speed of the site is comparatively faster than the others which you could avail in the same price range.

  17. Site Ground has a very pleasing shared hosting plan. For every small startup shared hosting plans work great. I have been using this as my host. I haven’t faced any major issue till date.

    • Me too. I will like to rate this web hosting service provider which is 5 star. Whether it is server speed, support or uptime guarantee, I did not face any difficulty ever. The handcrafted web hosting service is crafted according to the customer need and this is what impressed me a lot.

  18. If you’re looking for cheap web hosting services but easy to use and reliable at the same time, this is the service for you. Undoubtedly one of the best after all the trash services I’ve used all these years. Great customer support too, never been dissatisfied.

    • I stumbled upon SiteGround while looking for shared web hosting. I got it at a deal of 60% off. The speed is great and network reliable too with faster loading pages. It comes with cPanel and Softaculous installer that makes customization very easy. If you own a personal blog, their StartUp solution is the best option. With premium support and quality hosting, I recommend SiteGround to everybody.

  19. I am a user of siteground, and I am completely satisfied with the services of it. It has fulfilled all needs by providing unlimited bandwidth and higher performance. I am using siteground for one year, and I am very much happy with this website.

  20. Pretty sure even you haven’t heard about this hosting service. But with over 9 rating and a brilliant set of packages, siteground are definitely the ones to look out for. Free CDN, cPanel with 99.9% uptime, what more can you ask for? They really helped me big time.

  21. With amazing offers and packages, it even allows 30 days money-back guarantee. The solutions they provide are anti-spam and hence trustworthy. It is very easy to upgrade your plan. No doubt that they provide complete security. The chat helpers are friendly and help you with each step.

    • The $3.95/mo price tag is what caught my attention. With free daily backup and free domain as well, it has all be worth it.

  22. I’m neither an expert and nor do I have much knowledge of website developing and hence I referred to this website for creating one for my own. It turned out that website making couldn’t get any easier. Their pricing plan is according to your choice which one would find apt according to their needs plus they are very cheap. They have a great on-call service which was quite impressive.

  23. The best hosting service I came across till now because it has great technical support and the customer service is awesome! They always support you in whatever problem you have, and it was very easy to use for me as I was a new human to all this. Best in the game and great timing in the area of response.

  24. The best thing about siteground is their customer service and support. I am not that tech savvy, but I faced zero technical difficulties, all thanks to the customer support and service staff. It really shows how dedicated they are.

  25. Having a small scale business, I wanted a shared hosting site which could even offer cloud hosting. Then from somewhere out of the blue came SiteGround. They are highly specialized in shared hosting which will help many small-scale business owners like me.

  26. I had a great time working with them, as a young entrepreneur I had very little knowledge of what a proper site should look like. They told me how everything works and in a short period of time, I had a website that was up and working. Their technical support is great too, for my URLs changed time after time, and they were patient enough to put up with my demands.

    • I have been using the services of SiteGround since the past three long years and to tell you the truth they provide excellent services at such a price range of $3.95 per month. SiteGround is well known for its impeccable round the clock customer service and HTTP/2 service which helps in fast loading of the webpage. At such a nominal price range I was able to work on PHP7 which is considered as the fastest PHP to date.

  27. I have never been so satisfied with any hosting site other than SiteGround. I’m using it for a year and I didn’t face any downtime, I want to continue as their customer for even longer. I would recommend this to my friends as well.

    • All the recommendations are a 100% true. SiteGround has one of the most efficient support teams. They were able to resolve technical problems within a few minutes.

  28. I opted for Siteground not just like but after a professional advice and they are exceeding my expectations. Their customer support is great and knowledgeable about any issues that I tend to face. They impressed me in various ways and I would love to continue being their customer for longer.

  29. I purchased the StartUp plan for my blog and I have to say I’m impressed with the quality features they provided. They also did the set up for free including providing a domain name. Although my website currently has less monthly visits it will grow and I will have to opt for a transfer to their other options. But currently, the Siteground is giving me quality service and good technical support. It’s affordable too so this is a good purchase to make.

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