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SiteGround vs 1and1

Though there are a large number of web hosting options in the marketplace, it is still a tough task for individuals and even some small businesses to purchase one. The main reason is limited little money they can offer. In this article, we will introduce and compare two budget web hosting providers, namely SiteGround ( and 1and1 ( After then, readers will know why SiteGround web hosting has higher price value for individuals and small businesses.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Price Value– Both Win

SiteGround and 1and1 have their own advantages and both provide feature-rich web hosting.

Aimed at different customers, SiteGround launches 3 hosting packages, coming with unlimited data transfer, up to unlimited hosted websites, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases. However, web space is only up to 30 GB. While 1and1 offers one all-inclusive web hosting package, which features referred above are all unlimited.

Moreover, both companies give customers one free domain name registration. For programming, SiteGround offers 7 PHP versions, Perl, Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL while 1and1 web hosting contains PHP 5.5 and 5.6, Perl, Python, Ruby and MySQL. What’s more, the two providers here conduct daily backup for customers in case data loses.

The next important part we are to compare is pricing. 1and1 is so cheap that pricing is lowest at unbelievable $0.99/mo. But this pricing is applied to the first 3 months only, after then the renewing pricing is $8.99/mo.

If people want a long term promotion, SiteGround is better since its hosting promotion is up to 60% off and then pricing starts at $3.95/mo. People going with 1 month, 12 month, 24 month and even 36 month, can use this $3.95/mo pricing.

SiteGround Hosting Promotion SiteGround Hosting Promotion
60% Off

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Ease to Use– SiteGround Wins

Along with cPanel, SiteGround easily defeats 1and1, which offers its own control panel to customers. It is well acknowledged that cPanel is the easiest of use control panel in the industry. Even beginners will quickly control it to manage their websites, emails, files, and much more. Furthermore, SiteGround web hosting packages include 1-click Softaculous app installer, which is a leading and famous app installer  as well.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Performance– SiteGround Wins

Individuals and small business still want that what they buy will bring their good performance, even though they pay a little. In respect of hosting performance, SiteGround wins. The details why SiteGround wins is as following readers may check.

In order to make every customer around the world enjoy reliable and fast page loading, SiteGround picked up multiple top data centers in 3 continents. Moreover, these data centers are equipped with redundant power and hardware. Even one CloudFlare CDN for each account is applied to maintain fast page loading speed in any part of world.

Additionally, servers are custom setup on Apache so that each account is isolated from each other. More than that, server monitoring, anti-hack systems, spam expert spam prevention etc are also utilized to ensure highest content security for webmasters as well as their visitors.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Technical Support– SiteGround Wins

Web hosting is a technical thing and almost every webmaster will encounter problems without any doubt. SiteGround and 1and1 also take some measures to support their customers. In terms of supporting types and content, SiteGround wins again.

SiteGround offers 24/7 technical support via live chat, phone and ticket. 1and1 support only includes 24/7 phone and email. What’s more, SiteGround supporting technicians will help customers on non-hosting related problems, which most of web hosting providers do not.  Another advantage of SiteGround technical support is quick and efficient response. Live chat and phone are always picked up immediately. Ticket response is slower but still within 15 min in average.


In terms of above comparison between SiteGround and 1and1, the result is clear that SiteGround is a better web hosting provider for individuals and small businesses. They will get its feature-rich web hosting at low pricing even long for 36 months! Based on data centers around the world, SiteGround hosting performs more reliably and faster. Technical support is more convenient and diversified as well.


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