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SiteGround vs midPhase

It must be one of the best things to have a wonderful web hosting at a low price for people short of money. SiteGround ( and midPhase ( are just two cheap web hosting providers but come with high quality hosting. They all have shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. In this SiteGround vs midPhase article, we will mainly compare their shared hosting from 4 main aspects to see which one is better for small websites.

SiteGround vs midPhase on Hosting Price value

Aimed at different customers, SiteGround and midPhase both break their shared hosting into 3 packages. On the whole, SiteGround gives more features, especially advanced features.

From SiteGround web hosting, customers will receive multiple PHP versions, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SSH to use. The other provider midPhase here supports PHP 5, Python, Perl-CGI and MySQL. Moreover, SiteGround web hosting includes unlimited databases, but midPhase only respectively offers 1, 3 and unlimited databases in terms of packages.

In addition, SiteGround is generous on basic hosting features as well. For example, data transfer, email accounts, sub domains and parked domains are all unlimited allowed. 1 hosted website is planned for StartUp package and then unlimited websites for other 2 higher plans. Web space is up to 30 GB too.

However, on pricing, midPhase web hosting is much cheaper than SiteGround. Customers just pay $1.77/mo now with coupon “SAVEME40” to host 1 domain on 1 database, and have unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts to use. This is really a big deal for individuals.

On the other hand, SiteGround web hosting is also affordable, starting at $3.95/mo after discounted. This pricing is reasonable and cost-effective considering its rich features.

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SiteGround vs midPhase on Performance – SiteGround Wins

SiteGround web hosting is faster and more reliable than that of midPhase, though midPhase performs well.

Just on the aspect of the data center location, SiteGround shows its strength with 3 data centers respectively based in 3 continents. Furthermore, the data centers all have backup power, alternative hardware and spare equipments to prevent outage and fails.

What’s more, SiteGround configures servers on Apache, ceaselessly tests server software and keeps servers up to date all the time. Additionally, it developed the unique account isolation technology. Each SiteGround account even has one free CDN. As a result, SiteGround web hosting has over 99.9% uptime. An amazing performance it is!

midPhase also utilizes a Tier 3 data center in Salt Lake City, US, equipped with SAS 70 compliant, network carriers, canopy cold row cooling etc. And its uptime has never dropped below 99.9% as it claims.

SiteGround vs midPhase on Customer Services –Both Great

Customers won’t know when they will meet problems and they surly hope to solve them instantly. Therefore, 24/7 technical support is attractive for customers to go with a web host. On this aspect, SiteGround and midPhase are excellent. Both companies have 24/7 support team, ready to support day and night via live chat, email and telephone.

From SiteGround office website, we even get SiteGround average support response time: customers will get reply immediately in general via online chat or telephone support; the response of another ticket support is usually below 15 min.

More than that, SiteGround and midPhase provides their customers with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well. Customers could get hosting fee back if they are not satisfied.


According to the comparison between SiteGround and midPhase, we find out that they have similarities as well as differences. Overall, they are outstanding in different aspects. SiteGround offers hosting that contains more features and performs faster. Surly, its pricing is higher than midPhase hosting but it is still reasonable and affordable. If customers are small to mid businesses, SiteGround web hosting will help them get online business successfully. $1.77/mo pricing of midPhase hosting is best for personals to build blogs or family websites, coming with enough features and great performance among line-ups.

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