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SiteGround vs Web Hosting Hub

SiteGround ( and Web Hosting Hub ( are two web hosting providers that customers will consider when they are going to create websites, especially those individuals and small businesses. Then which one is better? Following the SiteGround vs Web Hosting Hub on hosting features, ease to use, performance and customer services in below, reader will get the answer.

SiteGround offers a little more than Web Hosting Hub

Unlike Web Hosting Hub that only does shared hosting business, SiteGround web hosting ranges from shared server, reseller hosting to virtual private server and dedicated server. Though Web Hosting Hub shared hosting is feature-rich enough, webmasters who plan to expand websites and need upgrade in the future, had better opt for SiteGround.

What’s more, SiteGround customers will benefit a lot from the powerful hosting features. For example, SiteGround shared hosting includes unlimited data transfer, email accounts and databases, and up to unlimited hosted websites. Likewise, Web Hosting Hub offers these features up to unlimited based on specific packages.

Both companies support PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL database as well. One domain name registration is for free included in web hosting solutions of the two companies. SiteGround still conducts backup for customers without charge while Web Hosting Hub charges at $1/mo.

By following this SiteGround promo link, customers will purchase SiteGround hosting at $3.95/mo after 60% off, which is applied to all billing cycles, from one month to 36 months. Web Hosting Hub web hosting starts at $1.95/mo for the first 3 months and then $3.99/mo for the rest 21 months or 33 months.

SiteGround and Web Hosting Hub are Easy to Use

In addition to features used for build websites, customers now should take a serious look at ease of use of web hosting. Since the most of customers are not programming professionals, a simple and easy to use control panel for management shows high importance. Fortunately, SiteGround and Web Hosting Hub compared here provide customers with cPanel. This control panel is the most popular and easiest to use control panel by far. With it, management gets simple. More than that, Softaculous in cPanel gives much convenience to install popular apps, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

SiteGround is Faster than Web Hosting Hub

SiteGround and Web Hosting Hub create optimized hosting environments, which are leading in line-up. Between the two, SiteGround is a little better, supported by more server locations.

In USA, in Europe or in Asia, there are hand-picked data centers to place SiteGround servers. But Web Hosting Hub only utilizes two world-class US based data centers. Even though data centers that the two companies select are good, SiteGround shows much strength to offer reliable and fast websites outside USA. Moreover, SiteGround offers one free CloudFlare CDN for each account to improve reliability and speed again, which is a valuable feature.

Additionally, in order to ensure security, SiteGround also takes measures, such as unique account isolation, anti-hack system, fast server monitoring and so on.

Web Hosting Hub has Better Customer Services than SiteGround

SiteGround and Web Hosting Hub always care much about their customers and are happy to help them at any time. Even small questions will be gotten seriously treated and answered patiently by supporting technicians. This is charm of SiteGround and Web Hosting Hub for bloggers and small businesses.

On specific supporting channels, the two providers are same to offer customers live chat, phone and email. Whenever customers have questions, they will get fast support. Beyond that, online help resources are good for answering some simple and basic questions. If they do not understand, feel free to ask a technician of SiteGround or Web Hosting Hub.

However, Web Hosting Hub money back policies are better than that of SiteGround. Instead of the first 30 days that SiteGround guarantees to refund, Web Hosting Hub guarantees the full refund during the first 90 days!


Now we can sum up based on above SiteGround vs Web Hosting Hub. Both companies are excellent on budget web hosting solutions. SiteGround with shared, VPS and dedicated servers are the first choice for individuals and businesses around the world. Web Hosting Hub also makes it best for bloggers, especially for bloggers and their visitors in USA.

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