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SoftLayer Review

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Softlayer cloud hosting review in below is based on our own real experience with Softlayer and more than 100 reviews we have collected from Softlayer customers, in which we will review Softlayer on the feature, price, web server speed, reliability, customer support and control panel.

Softlayer is one of the industry largest web hosts. There is a time, its data centers are considered as the best in the industry, and most web hosts will consider their service as a high priority. The business was acquired by IBM and become the foundermental service of IBM cloud.

Softlayer Review on Features

Softlayer Cloud hosting contains a wide range of powerful features to meet various requirements of customers. Taking its virtual server package as an example, we find out that it is based on high-end cloud server, offering the key features as the following:

  • Basic features like at least 1 core, 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage based on SAN or Local disk.
  • Portable storage available to customers as well.
  • 5 TB public network for monthly term and free for private network traffic
  • More choice: multi-tenant or single-tenant hosts, local or SAN storage and various operation systems like CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu Linux and more
  • Database software including Basho, MySQL, 10 gen and Microsoft

Compared to its virtual server, Softlayer delivers people featured-rich Bare Metal server solution from single processor to quad processor with up to 40 cores.

Softlayer Review on Pricing

Unlike other web hosting companies, Softlayer just accepts hourly pay or monthly pay that starts at $27.60/mo or 0.04/hr for its virtual server. Furthermore, customers will get free 5 TB outbound public traffic if they go with virtual server package for monthly billing term. What’s more, VISA, MasterCard, American Expression, PayPal and Discover are acceptable payment methods at Softlayer.

However, Softlayer does not offer a Money-back Guarantee since it does not ask for long-time billing term. But customers will get free Softlayer virtual server for one month now.

Softlayer Review on Performance

Softlayer is best in website performance with 13 datacenter from itself and 12 from IBM now while Softlayer is going to build another 15 datacenters in five continents this year. Therefore, 40 well-equipped datacenters around the world will make Softlayer unbeatable in the industry and serve people with the best quality services no matter where they are.

In addition to numerous datacenters, Softlayer also builds a network of networks which is the world-class network infrastructure, offering a public network, a private network and an internal management network. Furthermore, Softlayer connects its datacenters with 17 network points of presence via over 2,000 Gbps connections. Softlayer guarantees 100% uptime.

Softlayer Review on Support

Softlayer provides customers with the most direct 24/7 phone, live chat and ticket support in which the phone call is usually picked up within seconds. Moreover, Softlayer support staffs are educated in web hosting and web services, waiting for answering customer’s questions around the clock. More than that, customer forums and dedicated KnowledgeLayer consisting of FAQs, guidance and articles help people a lot as well.

Softlayer Review on Ease-to-use

Softlayer clients will easily manage their accounts and servers via API, customer portal and mobile application. Its web-based customer portal can help customers administrate all services of their servers like checking bandwidth, upgrading, installing apps and more. Besides, mobile applications will support customers manage their account as well at anytime and anyplace. Softlayer API is the core part of customer portal, optimizing the methods of administration and getting widely automated.

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