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Squarespace Review

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In the following article, we will review Squarespace from its customer service, speed & reliability, price, templates, and features, to disclose the reason why Squarespace becomes so popular.

In short ten years of development, Squarespace ( has grown up into a company that houses millions of websites. And its ultimate mission is to provide creative website building tools allowing anyone to give a voice to their ideas.

Squarespace Review on Features

Behind the beautiful interface, Squarespace is an incredibly rich publishing platform. On this platform, users can access to diverse site building tools in the process of website building.

First, let’s come to its editor. Squarespace style editor comes with hundreds of customizable settings, containing fonts, colors, and page configurations. Addition to that, Squarespace has partnered with Typekit and Google to provide every customer with a free selection of the highest quality fonts available on the web. Due to that, every user is able to create a website in unique looking with just a few clicks.

Besides, Squarespace’s LayoutEngine is very simple but powerful, allowing users to drag and drop any block (video, audio, text, markdown, etc) into anywhere on the site. After designing, Squarespace will be responsive for converting it into a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the site page.


Other more, Squarespace allows its users to optimize all the basic SEO functions, thus improving their sites rankings. It also automatically creates a sitemap for its users so that they can submit it to Google. More than that, this website builder integrates Google Analytics to give users comprehensive statistics about their websites.

Last but not least, there are multiple third-party apps divided into different categories, including Blog App, Metrics App, Note App, and Portfolio App for users to easily choose from. People can also incorporate any app like Google Drive, Mailchimp and etc. into their sites as required.

Squarespace Templates Review

Whenever people want to build an online presence, they would start with picking a template. Squarespace has provided different designs targeting at all industries, covering personal, business, stores, portfolio, musicians, weddings and photographers. And most of these templates feature full-window image background. Other more, all templates are responsive and mobile friendly designs.

For people who intend to have a single page website, Sqarespace offers 26 different Cover Page designs for them to choose from. All these options are single scrolling pages for creating quick landing pages to communicate a personal identity or promote a new product. Other more, every Squarespace Cover Page can link to another page within people’s existing Squarespace websites.

If comparing Squarespace’s templates to against other site builders, people will find that Squarespace is head and shoulders above its competitors.


Squarespace Pricing Review

Though Squarespace does not offer a free option, it gives all users a 14-day risk-free trial to have a thoroughly test of its website builder. And it has launched five packages, including Cover Page, Personal, Business, Basic, and Advanced, to meet diverse requirements.

In line with these multiple plans, Squarespace sets its prices vary from $7/mo to $80/mo. However, if people purchase its annually plans, Squarespace will give them special promotion. Just in the case of the Cover Page plan, it will reduce to $5/mo for annual purchase after a discount of over 28% off monthly price. Other more, Squarespace also provides free custom domain for each annual agreement customer.

As the Cover Page package only enables people to build a one-page website, it features single page structure and not allows people to create a website with multiple pages. On the contrary, the Personal and Business plan grant customers to construct full websites with up to unlimited pages.

The Basic and Advanced plan are catered to eCommerce online stores that removes all transaction fees and offering more advanced eCommerce tools. Though people can sell products with the Personal and Business plan, there are some restrictions to the number of products and transaction fees are also included.

Squarespace Performance Review

At Squarespace, all the websites including are served from the same powerful infrastructure. Every system in its infrastructure has participated in serving all the websites, thus scaling it up to bring more traffic and cause less failure. Furthermore, all images on this platform are hosted with a global content delivery network thereby reducing loading time by utilizing hundreds of geographically distributed servers.

All these factors have made sure that all sites of Squarespace are running in good performance and in a high security environment.

Squarespace Customer Support

Despite of its extensive Knowledgebase, Workshop videos and Forum, Squarespace offers live chat and 24/7 email support to all customers. It also promises to respond to any request within an hour. Thank to that, people can have their problems solved instantly with the help of Squarespace’s well-trained and skillful support members.

SquareSpace Review Summary

With Squarespace website builder, people can receive rich features along with many outstanding building tools. And it supports people to build single page as well as multiple pages, which is a serious differentiator for this software. Additionally, Squarespace manages to maintain a good reliability and fast speed. Combined the above with its affordable prices and 14-day free trial, we highly recommend Squarespace website builder to people who are hoping to build a clean, elegant, and image-rich website.

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