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StreamSend Review

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StreamSend ( was founded in 1998 and was called EZ. The company changed their name in 2004 and has been offering internet email marketing solutions ever since.  The company professes to be an efficient email marketing major that ropes in social networking leads as well. Due to its good reputation in delivering good contact management, user-friendly email creation and sending, and outstanding reporting and customer support, plus affordable pricing, StreamSend ranks as one of the best email marketing service provider in the industry.

StreamSend Review on Contact Management

The first aspect that one must consider while rolling out an email campaign is the contacts. The contacts must be identified. StreamSend has a comprehensive planning system to churn out updated and detailed subscriber list.

The list is drawn automatically from social posts and web forms. Dormant email IDs are segregated from the active ones. It is possible to import email IDs from various sources. The utility accepts PDFs and excel sheets where the IDs are synced with the contact list.

There can be different list of subscribers as well. For each list a separate email can be given out. The database of the contacts can be further filtered based on parameters, such as demography, age, and specific area of interest. There are also options to integrate advanced filers as well. When subscribers change their contact address information, the data in the list is automatically updated. It is also possible for the contacts to use opt-in or opt-out features to make the email campaign successful.

StreamSend Review on Email Creation & Sending


Although many company officials are able to specify the contact details, they often do not know where to start in creating a suitable email and sending it across. To organize an email marketing campaign StreamSend offers a dedicated expert who suggests on how to manage the email ID list, create fields to segregate the list as per various categories, create filters to streamline the operation, set up trigger emails to make the operation successful, and more. Some top features of email creation from StreamSend include:

  • Assistance from start-to-finish by an email expert. The operation may be conducted by the expert as well.
  • Landing pages are created from used emails to promote pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • Social networking tabs are created from used emails.
  • Email templates are used and further customized professionally.
  • Emails compatible with all operating systems and display screens of varied sizes.
  • Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can seamlessly display the emails.

Sending of the emails is also done methodically as the email ID list is updated and integrated with the operation. Once sent, the emails retarget the engaged receivers. The operation does not end here unlike many other email marketing tools. The content is further sent to geo-specific spots with little variations in the content.

The email campaign also includes sign-up forms so that leads can be directed for growth and development of the user. It is possible to add videos, online surveys, web forms, and more into the email content.

StreamSend Review on Email Reporting and Tracking

There is a detail reporting and tracking facility offered by StreamSend. The users will be able to find out the following:

  • Those who has received emails
  • Those who did not open the emails or links
  • Email IDs which bounced
  • Email IDs which blocked or unsubscribed to the campaign

The email marketing campaign also includes an analytical tracking of the emails which allowed the users to identify the market segment, area of interest of the customers, and any potential lead available in the future.

StreamSend Review on Pricing Value

There are standard plans and specialized solutions for large corporate which have a huge database of customers. A 30-day free service is provided where 200 mails can be sent as a part of the email marketing campaign. Further plans include:

  • $19.99 per month of 1250 contacts and 50,000 mails
  • $45.00 per month of 2,500 contacts and unlimited mails
  • $70.00 per month of 5,000 contacts and unlimited mails
  • $85.00 per month of 10,000 contacts and unlimited mails
  • $165.00 per month of 25,000 contacts and unlimited mails
  • $265.00 per month of 50,000 contacts and unlimited mails
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30-Day Free Trial

For large volume plans where the user is expected to have larger lists or high-volume sending requirements per month, the company executives will suggest the pricing details. Social sharing is part of the plans.

StreamSend Review on Customer Support

For any technical help, technical assistants are available round the clock at the customer support helpdesk. Users can check the knowledge base for information and tips on the functionality of this email marketing service. Billing details can be also checked. For any query, the user may have to book a ticket to get help. Although live chat with the customer care official is not possible, yet StreamSend is quite popular among small and large companies – primarily because of its social sharing option.

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