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Strikingly Review

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The below Strikingly review focuses on Strikingly website builder from 5 aspects to deeply analyze the builder for readers.

Strikingly ( is a Y-Combinator company, which is offering website builder. It is particularly excellent on building and optimizing mobile websites while surfing the Internet via mobile devices are more and more popular these days. Since the first day it was launched, Strikingly has become one of the leading solutions on website building.

Strikingly Website Builder Feature Review

Simplicity, clarity, and accessibility, keeping them in mind, Strikingly launched its website builder to help people create sites within 30 minutes. More than that, the company offers rich features to make sites functional and search engine friendly.

Strikingly website builder is simple to use with all tools in a single administration page. Therefore, users will edit everything on the same screen and publish sites instantly. The builder also supports users to preview their websites on screen, tablet, and phone.

Similar to other website builder in the marketplace, Strikingly website builder does not require users to know codes and design, but help them build professional websites. If you would like to add your codes into your sites, Strikingly supports HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

With Strikingly, customers can build blogs to showcase their photos, work, projects, portfolios, etc. They can also set up stores to sell products while Strikingly will never charge for transaction happening between its customers and the customers’ clients. Strikingly free website builder package even allows customers to sell 1 product per site.

On the other hand, the company offers an app store for customers who have demands to enhance their websites by embedding forms, social media, marketing tools, galleries and so on. Some are for free while others are only free for customers going with Pro package.


Striking Review on Templates

Strikingly offers beautiful looking website templates that customers can directly pick up one to edit and use for their sites. The company supports them to change templates anytime as well. Most importantly, Strikingly templates is responsive and look great on both desktop and mobile devices. The templates are to be automatically resized when people load sites via mobile devices.

We also check that Strikingly provides templates meeting all purposes of customers. For fun, for business, for events, for portfolio, for organization, and so on, customers will get satisfactory templates from Strikingly.

Strikingly Review on Pricing

There is free lunch at Strikingly. The company offers customers website builder at no cost and supports them to create unlimited websites. Each site could sell 1 product as well. Customers pay nothing but have to put Strikingly banner on their sites as well as using sub domains of Strikingly.

Besides a free plan, the company offers 2 paid plans which are more customizable and user friendly. Limited plan is at $12/mo and Pro plan requires $20/mo. They both include free custom domain and email for 2 years as well as unlimited sites. Pro plan even enables each site to sell 20 products.

Moreover, Strikingly gives bigger discounts for customers who pay for its packages longer at once. With the promotion policy, the pricing of Limited 2-year contract is as low as $7 per month. Customers can upgrade or downgrade plans anytime. They could even upgrade monthly billed cycles to yearly cycles anytime.

What’s more, all plans have 14 day free trial, which makes sense to customers who want to use Strikingly paid plans. Strikingly won’t charge until the trial ends. So, customers can feel free to experience Strikingly services and then decides whether to go with the company.


Strikingly Performance Review

Going with Strikingly website builder, customers do not need to find another web host to host their website. Strikingly hosts their websites on its cloud hosting, which is reliable, flexible and secure. Furthermore, the company fully manages servers, OS, databases, etc. so that customers only need to concentrate on their online presence.

Strikingly Customer Support Review

If customers want to talk to Strikingly about their specific problems, they have only one option: tickets. Live chat and phone support are not available to Strikingly customers currently.

This company prefers their customers to find out solutions and get problems resolved on their own. Due to that, it offers blog and knowledgebase. Its blog is mainly to tell customers how to maintain their websites, and make their website better. The knowledgebase, on the other hand, provides solutions to frequent asked questions. Especially, it has a part to guide customers troubleshoot their problems.


In a nutshell, Strikingly website builder is easy to use to create both responsive desktop and mobile websites. Cloud hosting is flexible, reliable, secure and free. However, ticket support combining with online resources is not so convenient when you need instant solutions. Strikingly has free services and paid customizable services. It all depends on your choice. As a whole, Strikingly website builder has high price value but need improving customer support.

Please visit Strikingly to know more details about Strikingly website builder.


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