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Synthesis Review

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In below Synthesis review, we will make a comprehensive analysis about Synthesis managed WordPress hosting based on its features, usability, performance, technical support and price.

Synthesis ( ), run by Copyblogger Media, LLC, is a popular web hosting provider that only focuses on the managed WordPress hosting. Since its foundation, the company has been dedicated to offering the best WordPress hosting solutions to help its customers build successful and powerful websites.

Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting Price Review

It is well-known that managed WordPress hosting is not cheap. However, webmasters can purchase the excellent managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price at Synthesis.

Just as we mentioned above, the company offers four different hosting solutions and the price of each one is set respectively at $47/mo, $97/mo, $147/mo and $300/mo. Thus, webmasters can freely choose the most suitable one to host their websites in accordance with their requirements.


We also know that many web hosting companies do not guarantee money back for managed WordPress hosting. But, here we are delighted to tell our readers that Synthesis managed WordPress hosting has the policy of 30-day money back guarantee for all plans. It means, people can request a full refund within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with this product any more.

Synthesis Review on Features

In order to meet different requirements for this product, Synthesis has launched four managed WordPress hosting packages, including Standard, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise. Beyond that, it has corporate plans specifically designed to handle hosting requirements for large organizations.

Generally speaking, Synthesis has offered almost all necessary features to help webmasters manage their websites. Taking its entry-level plan–Standard as an example, it contains 1 domain, 1 GB memory, 20 GB disk space, 10 GB backup storage, 2 TB monthly bandwidth, and 10,000 daily traffic. At the same time, Standard customers will host their website on VPS with secured configurations, self-healing process, and NGINX/PHP-FPM and iWatch support.

Moreover, Standard also supports free malware removal, Genesis, non-genesis themes, CloudFlare, brute force prevention as well as SSL certificate and more. In addition to that, Synthesis offers a wide range of free marketing tools, such as site optimization, keyword research, social media research, influencer outreach and on-page optimization. All these tools will exert a positive impact on the success of people’s online businesses.

Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting is Easy-to-use

Going with an easy-to-use WordPress hosting is very important for webmasters in websites building and managing, especially for those beginners. At Synthesis, people don’t need to worry much about its usability, because this host has a series of tools to make websites building easy and fun.

Synthesis has partnered with the experts at Fantasktic to provide full-service WordPress migrations to ease people’s transition to Synthesis. As migrations, de-hacking and site clean-ups are professional services, the company charges them for extra money of $99.

Synthesis is also responsive to backup every server daily and store seven days’ worth of backups, which makes it possible to restore sites in a matter of minutes in an emergency.

Synthesis Review on Reliability and Speed Review

Synthesis understands how important the high performance environment is for successful online business. Thanks to its continuous contribution of Synthesis technicians, the company has the strength to guarantee a 99.9% uptime and fast speed.

On the one hand, Synthesis takes advantage of some state-of-the-art data centers located around the world, which are equipped with top of the line technologies and facilities as well as the efficient NGINX architecture. These, integrated as a whole, make it possible for Synthesis customers to get access to a secure, stable and reliable network to manage their websites.

On the other hand, the company also takes some measures to protect the safety of customers’ websites, including network-level DOS/DDOS protection, exclusive Synthesis security software, audited and locked-down configurations, plus smart pattern analysis and 24/7 network monitoring, etc.

Synthesis Review on Technical Support

After comparing the customer service at Synthesis with some other managed WordPress hosting providers, we find that the company still has a long way to go in terms of technical support.

At Synthesis, if webmasters are eager to find some direct support, to be honest, they will be disappointed. We don’t find any information related to its phone and live chat support. The only way people can get direct contact with Synthesis support team is to send an email. Or, if webmasters need indirect assistance, Synthesis FAQ is available for them.

Synthesis is Worthy to Purchase

To conclude, Synthesis is a good choice for managed WordPress hosting. It has rich edge offering and a high level of network performance to help customers smoothly operate their websites. We also think if the company pays more attention on improving its customer service, it will attract more webmasters. If you want more information about Synthesis managed WordPress hosting, please visit Synthesis.


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