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In below Webs Review, we come to review Webs website builder from features, templates, pricing, reliability and customer support.

In 2001, with a goal to help average people create professional websites on their own, Webs ( was founded. Besides an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder, Webs has expanded its business to social media marketing and contact management with Pagemodo and ContactMe products.

In 2011, Vistaprint acquired Webs while the former allows Webs to maintain its company culture. To this day, Webs has over 50 million customers and every day 20,000 new sites come to be hosted on Webs platform.

Webs Review on Website Builder Feature

Are you going to build a blog to showcase your creativity? Or are you going to create a store to sell your products? Or you just want a place to introduce yourself online; and so on. No matter which purposes you build websites for, Webs offers rich features to satisfy you and make it easy and fun.

One core feature is Webs Drag & Drop Builder. This tool with an intuitive interface enables users without programming knowledge to create functional sites. After choosing a template as your website outline, you can just add website content by dragging and dropping modules like forms, maps, slideshows, text, etc. Webs offers mobile website builder as well while web traffic from phones and tablets are hugely increasing.

Webs allows you to integrate social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc into your websites so that more traffic will come to your social profiles. Webs has SEO Booster to help you optimize website content and gain more traffic from search engines. Moreover, it has no requirements on technical skills. On the other hand, Stats plays a role to analyze traffic coming to your sites.


Far more than above tools, Webs provides custom domain names and email addresses. It also offers a wide range of great applications to enhance websites created by its builder and hosted on its platform.

Webs Templates Review

Web design is important to build a good-looking website. Here, going with Webs website builder, even if you know little about design, you could create a beautiful website, since Webs has hundreds of templates, designed by its professional designers. Furthermore, there are different kinds of templates from business to pleasure.

Best of all, you are allowed to chance colors, fonts, background image, and much more of templates with simple clicks, making the template just for your website.

Webs has galleries with high resolution photos and videos. Likewise, you can make some changes to better meet your demands, like rotating, cropping, resizing, etc.

Webs Pricing Review

Webs has free and paid website builder services.

The free website builder package supports customers to create professional websites. But customers have to display Webs branding on their websites. In addition, they have to use sub domains of Webs as well. They can use free services as long as they want and they can upgrade to paid packages at anytime.

There are 3 paid packages: Starter, Enhanced and Pro. Features in packages vary. For example, Webs Starter package is as low as $5.99/mo allowing customers to create unlimited pages, password protected pages and mobile websites without Webs branding. This pricing includes 1 GB storage as well.


Webs Platform is Reliable

All website builder packages of Webs contain free web hosting and free server maintenance. Customers just need to focus on building sites, marketing sites and showcasing creativity.

All websites and files of Webs customers are hosted on cloud hosting. It means that customers can access their websites and edit content at anytime anywhere. Cloud hosting makes sense to reliable hosting performance as well. Even if one server fails, other servers maintain websites to run smoothly.

Webs Customer Support

Webs understands customers need support. Sometimes they need to directly talk to specialists. Sometimes, they don’t. So, Webs offers various supporting options for customers to choose: email, live chat, and phone. Note that only the Pro package contains all 3 supporting options.

Webs community also plays a supporting role that customers could get help from the community members and Webs staffs. Besides, Webs wrote down solutions to frequent asked questions for customers to check out. It also has an informative support center with guide, articles, how-to videos, and much more.

The company provides 30 days money back guarantee to customers who buy its site builder packages. So, besides free website builder services, customers get another chance to try Webs website builder services within the first 30 days. Not happy after experiencing? Go to talk to Webs supporting staffs and require for money back.

Webs Review Conclusion

Webs drag and drop site builder is easy to use along with beautiful templates, SEO, web analytics, domains, emails, etc. Based on cloud hosting platform, websites is easy and reliable to access and edit. Customer support varies but there is money back guarantee. Overall, Webs is a pretty good option as website builder provider.

For more information about Webs website builder, please visit Webs.


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