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White Hat SEO Techniques to Double Your Website Traffic

Everyone will agree to the fact that taking the right way could be difficult however, Google does reward those who are using fair and square means of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Referred to as White Hat SEO techniques, these simple and easy strategies will help you create a good reputation for your website and help you earn high rankings. So, if you were thinking on taking help of other companies to drive traffic to your website you don’t need to spend anything, instead just follow the below steps and increase the traffic of your website.

What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO techniques

White Hat in SEO denotes the practice of using optimization techniques, strategies and tactics which emphases on human audience in contrast to search engines and entirely follows search engines’ guidelines and instructions.

For instance, a site which has been optimized to search engines but still centers on pertinent and organic ranking is known to be optimized using the White Hat SEO techniques. A few examples consist of backlinking, keywords, link building, content, keyword analysis, etc. White Hat SEO is usually used by people who are looking forward to having their website for long and working ethically on the website to serve customers. It is often termed as Ethical SEO.

Online businesses can earn themselves a good name with Google if they work hard and fair to build their presence on web. People who use quick and immoral ways of building SEO such as using spam links are detected by Google within a few days. Google will undo all progress of ranking of that website thus shattering their dreams of gathering traffic.

Here are some fair and easy ways to lure traffic to your website:

Skyscraper Technique

If you haven’t heard about the Skyscraper Technique then look it up on Google and you will see that this really works in improving your online presence. If your content is unique and different you are going to shine the brightest among all the competitors that you have. Quality content that offers more value to the customer always works. Backlinks are the lifeline of SEO, provided they are of high quality. If you intend on earning these backlinks you need to put your head into creating content which is educational, worth sharing and much better than the content of your competitors. Your approach towards creating content should be more contemporary, more comprehensive and more concentrated than the content which is already present on the web. It is only then that you would succeed in reading through maximum people. A comprehensive article complemented with proper Schema Markups offers the best ROI for customers in all types of business areas.

Schema for Competitive Edge

White Hat SEO techniques

According to research conducted a couple of years back, more than one-third of search results comprised of rich snippets which were supported by Schema, yet just 0.3% of websites actually using the Schema tool approved by Google. Even if the percentage has improved in the past years the percentage still needs to go up quite high. There are millions who are still to use Schema. Schema is a collection of a variety of HTML tags which can be added to a web page, it can be found in The tags create advanced description which appears in search results and are referred to as rich snippets. Schema is used by events, music, videos, organizations, products, review ratings and recipes to create rich snippets. Schema can be found in

Connect with Influencers

Next White Hat SEO techniques are to connect with influencers. If you have fortified your website with remarkable and powerful content then you need to promote it. Advertising could consume a lot of money but when results can be achieved cost-effectively then spending money doesn’t seem to be a wise decision. An influencer could help to do this. It is the easiest and perhaps the fastest way of reaching your services and products to the viewers. Patience is required in this type of approach but it is definitely fruitful.

If you are looking forward to having your content circulated among the audience then you should create a list of top influencers relevant to the product that you are dealing with. Influencers who have a fan following on YouTube or blogs or Twitter or any other social media platform are the ones who will help your product to get popular. They have a bonding with their followers and their fans trust them and follow what they say.

Statistics reveal that customers will spend 50% more once they have interacted with a brand ambassador. Pick people who are passionate about the product that you are offering and have a circle of rich clientele.

Amazing Keywords

White Hat SEO techniques

Keyword research is all about attaining the perfect balance between cost, competition, and potential. Make use of tools such as Keyword Tool or Google’s Keyword Planner. They are great to research various keywords which could be related to the service or product that you offer. The biggest point here is to understand what your audience is looking forward to is the chief ingredient to White Hat SEO techniques.

If you are unable to grasp what your audience is looking for then your chances of increasing traffic is less. There are some points that you should concentrate on when you are targeting a keyword or a phrase.

Are there quite a few people who are looking up these keywords? Do you think these people will be interested in purchasing the service or product you are offering?

What is your competition? How many websites are dealing with these keywords and look forward to attracting viewers using them? If you look at the Cost-Per-Click bid you will be able to see what the Google’s Keyword Planner has to tell you.

When you are clear about the competition that you would have to face you would have to increase your budget and check whether or not you have enough to face this competition. There is no point in using up the budget that you have on a keyword or phrase that is highly competitive.

Poor keyword targeting is the commonest mistake that most websites make while optimizing their sites. If you know that the keyword is worth spending money and time and will give you fair returns then go for it.

Mobile First Approach

Pages that cannot be accessed by a user on the changeover from mobile search results will never be ranked high Google. Google index is going mobile after which you can have a mobile friendly page. If you are not clear on whether or not your website meets this benchmark for being mobile friendly then you can go to Search Console account and look up the Mobile Usability report. Google updates the mobile problems here after which the necessary steps can be taken to rectify it.

Copy Adwords Ads to Make an Attractive Title and Description Tags

Attractive title and descriptions tags drive more clicks in the search engine result pages. So, how do you know what the people like to click and read what would actually attract them to your website? Have you ever noticed that the Adwords ads mostly come up in the search results? The keywords that Adwords use have been filtered through several spilt tests so they can get maximum clicks. Use these keywords in your title and description and create your own special title and description tags. They are bound to get clicks for your website.

Aim for a Content Marketing Plan Which is Better than Your Competitors

White Hat SEO techniques

There are just a little over than 37% people who think they are good at content marketing. Content happens to be among the top two ranking factors in Google and it is essential that you get it right if you are truly aiming on driving more traffic. For those who are ready to invest time, the returns are mighty.

What actually is great content and what does it mean?

It is nothing but creating informative and useful content. Locating the right audience for it and then reaching it to them. Looks like for those who have it figured out, it is quite simple.Ann Handley who specializes in creating and manipulating digital content to establish relationships for different organizations and people has come up with a formula that summarizes it in short:

Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content

Conversational search queries made by people are returned in rich answers by Google – about 40% and it is increasing fast. A rich answer is when Google tries to answer the query of the searcher in the way in search results that they wouldn’t have to click on a website to read it. In a way, Google offers them direct information. Most queries in such cases are what, why, who, how, where and when. Make use of this opportunity while you can. Appropriate, relevant, concise and detailed content is what you are aiming at. The rich answers are not something that Google makes up. It takes the help of external sources to feed on so it can take the answer. For instance, if you look for “how to make chocolate cake” you will see a rich snippet has been pulled out from one of the articles and quite a few sentences displayed. If your content manages to become the source of answers for Google your traffic is definitely rising high. This is one of the easiest White Hat SEO techniques you can use to drive traffic to your website. You can look up for more insight on rich answers and how they affect SEO on the web for a more detailed answer.

Mini Blog Posts for YouTube Descriptions

YouTube videos are quite an attraction to Google and they seem to dominate their search results. YouTube seems to be in Google’s preference list. A simple technique can help your YouTube videos to rank for competitive keywords in Google and YouTube. All you need to do is write a minimum 200 words description for the video. If you have been randomly using some words to describe your video before uploading them then remember this that Google doesn’t listen or watch the video content. They depend on the text based title and description to understand what your video is actually about. Adding extra text content can assist you in ranking for your target keyword.

Reuse Your Existing Content and Build Links

White Hat SEO techniques

This not only saves your time but also helps in increasing your brand awareness. Here are some ways to repurpose your content and build links:

  • Present the same content differently. Viewers enjoy slide shows. Convert your posts to slide shows. Visual content always gets a better response than text content.
  • If your re-write your blog post into a series of guest posts and then publicize them you could better on your page authority. Optimize every guest post for the right keywords before you publish them. This will help in giving your content more exposure on bigger websites and create high-quality backlinks for you.
  • Interview an expert on the topic which you had published earlier; keep the interview short optimize it for the main keyword and publish it.
  • Ebooks don’t have to contain original content so you can pick related blog posts to turn them into an ebook using Adobe Reader or Microsoft and then create a landing page to promote the ebook. Make sure you also promote it on social media. You are going to attract backlinks automatically.
  • Infographics attract backlinks too. Make an infographic from your post and publicize it. Infographics attract more attention on social media compared to plain texts. It is not hidden that infographics are more viral on social media compared to text content. Look up the web to learn more on how you could build links using infographics.

White Hat SEO techniques

These White Hat SEO techniques will have your website attracting heavy traffic in no time. Remember shortcuts are often wrong cuts. Use the right way to improve your ranking.

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