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Why are You Getting Website Traffic but No Sales?

If you happen to be the owner of an online business, then you must have come across several blogs and articles that enlighten you about the ways to increase the traffic to your website. You might instantly start implementing the methods that have been put forth by the Internet. It could be a high possibility that your website might start receiving the desired results in the form of the high inflow of the traffic. But what about the scenario when your website hits but no sales? This could be a tricky one and might get the online business owners pissed off as even after the substantial amount of traffic, if you are not getting the required sales, then there is some hidden problem or issue with the overall system. The point is to unveil the same to achieve the desired success in the online business.

You might start wondering what could have gone wrong when your website hits but no sales coming up. There could be a myriad of reasons for this unique scenario to occur during the experience of running an online business. Some of the possible reasons your website getting the relevant traffic but no sales could be:

Wrong Type of Traffic

website hits but no sales


If your website or the SEO strategy is acquiring the wrong type of traffic that is not relevant to the niche of your online business, then there are no means by which you can accelerate the sales process for your business. The wrong type of traffic could be the single reason for the non-conversion of the incoming traffic to your website. In order to convert the incoming traffic into the desired sales, it is imperative that your website must have the right inflow of traffic. The traffic must be relevant and useful to buy the products or avail the services offered by your online business or company. If the traffic that you are getting in your website is not relevant and is not able to generate the right kind of sales, then you can take the remedial steps as:

  1. Acquire the different type of traffic that is relevant to the niche of your online business with the use of effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.
  2. Bring about a change in the products or services that might cater to the specific needs of the incoming traffic on your website.

The latter technique could be useful in the case when you would wish to utilize the strength of the incoming high traffic to the website. All you would need to do is to bring about some modifications in the products and services offered by your online business. When the traffic would come across the products or services as per their choice and preference, then the traffic is bound to be converted in the desired manner. Therefore, if your website hits but no sales are coming the way, then you must check into the type of traffic that is coming and whether the needs and requirements of the visitors are getting fulfilled or not.

Weakened Offer

Another major reason why your website hits but no sales could be that the offer presented by your online business is not compelling enough to convert the visitors coming to the site. The problem here might not be due to a single factor. There could be issues with the products, services, website design, the customer service or the overall performance of the website. A big part of this issue is concerned with understanding the real reasons about why the customers should buy your product or should avail the services offered by the online business. This knowledge calls for acknowledging or predicting the shopping pattern or the mindset of the customers while visiting your website. The understanding of the inner minds of the customers call for getting answers to the questions like “What are you actually selling?”, “What do your targeted customers actually want?”, and so more. There could be several factors that might lead you in creating the pitch for the online business. However, it is essential to get the answers to these questions to create a compelling and attractive offer to the customers such that they do not go empty-handed after visiting the website. The offer presented by your online business can play a significant role in converting the incoming traffic to the desired sales such that your business can get the desired profits.

Complex Interface

As an online business owner, you must realize the fact that the consumers out there are not professional coders or graphic designers that might understand the complex interface offered by your website. This is another significant reason for why your website hits but no sales occur for the online business. If you wish to convert the incoming traffic, then adequate maintenance of the site and intuitive navigation are the essential factors. The easier is the “Click to Buy” interface offered by your site, the more sales and conversion will be experienced by your site. On the other hand, if the customers will have to pass through several hurdles before buying the product or availing particular services from the website, then there are higher chances that this might drive the customers away.

When you have loads of traffic entering your site, then the customers are presumably interested in viewing what your site or online business can offer out to them. If however, they never seem to buy anything before leaving the site, then there could be possible problems or issues with the cash interface as it might not be working properly or might be too complex for the visitors to understand and decode. Therefore, if you are suffering from the same issue of high traffic, but no sales, then you can review and update the cash interface of your website.

Poor navigation of the site also might ruin the experience of the customers which might end up in their leaving the website before buying anything or availing the services offered by your site. If it would not be obvious to the customers where they have to advance to the next step and where to find certain items in your site, then this too could lead to no conversion issue with the business. A broken or dysfunctional site could be the greatest turnover for the consumers to such an extent that they would never like to return to the site in their browsing history. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the complexity and functionality of the site such that you could get the desired conversions from the incoming traffic.

Insufficient Testing

Let us assume that you are an expert in the conversion strategy. You know it exactly how to convert the incoming traffic and you might have even implemented all the winning features on your site. These might sound well enough to increase the flow of traffic to your site. The general rule for the success of the online business is that more traffic is directly proportional to increase in sales. However, even after the implementation of all the possible ways to increase the sales in spite of high incoming traffic, then you must realize that there could be some issues with the internal functioning of the website. These minute issues might not be relevant or obvious enough, however, these might play a significant role in affecting the overall conversion rate for the website.

Therefore, the secret to converting the high traffic on your website can be to never cease the teasing process of the functioning of the website. With effective techniques for testing, you can pick out the specific problem with the working of the site and that could be the reason behind the non-conversion of the traffic to your site. Therefore, it is recommended to test the website on a regular or periodic basis to eliminate all the bugs and to make the full utilization of the incoming traffic by converting a maximum number of them into successful sales.

Insufficient Value Proportion

Sometimes even after doing after everything, you come across the case of “website hits but no sales”. There could be a problem with the value proportion offered by your site to the customers. Sometimes, you might be selling the products or services that might not be needed by anyone. Therefore, it is essential to do the part of research before deciding to launch the website in front of the customers. You must test the products or services offered by your site as per the taste and preferences of the website. Only after thorough research and analysis, you should head out to launch the products or services into the market. There are several groups of young business owners who would come up with products and services that stand out from the rest and invest in the same without doing proper research and investigation of the optimization of the idea. The enhanced SEO services might bring the relevant traffic, but due to poor value proportion offered by the site, it might become difficult or impossible for the desired conversions or sales.

Exorbitant Shipping Charges

One of the primary reasons for the customers in not buying your products could be the fact that the shipping rates charged by your site over the different range of products might be too high to attract the customers. This could be another significant reason for website hits but no sales in the case of your online business. If the customers are being charged too much over the cataloged price of the particular product, then they might reach the stage of buying the product but might drop right away upon seeing the high shipping rates being charged out of them. Who would want to give out a shipping rate that is higher than the actual rate of the product? Therefore, it is essential to keep the track of the shipping charges if you wish to get the desired conversion out of the high traffic rates to your website.

Slow Speed

Another significant reason for the website hits but no sales could be the slow loading speed of the website. If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, but they are bouncing back from the website, then there could be issues with the slow loading speed of the website. Therefore, it is essential to ascertain the amount of time it takes to load the page of your site. If it is taking longer than two to three seconds, then it could be too long for the users and as a result of this, they might move away from the site.

Unclear Images

The images and the infographics that have been used in the subsequent pages of the website play a significant role in attracting the customers and in obtaining the desired sales. A picture is considered to speak a thousand words. Therefore, in the world of e-commerce, it is essential to implement the clear and high-quality images on the website to increase the traffic and the desired sales for the online business. The low quality of images might make your website and online businesses appear poorly maintained that can result in the loss of trust among the visitors. Therefore, it is imperative to make use of high-quality of images on the website to drive the traffic of the website to the final purchase page of the site.

Insecure Payment System

This could be another possible reason for the abandoned carts. The payment system of the site must be secure through valid payment gateways that the customers could trust upon. This would make the incoming traffic convert to the relevant sales as desired by the online businesses.

There could be several reasons for the website hits but no sales. It is essential for the online business owners to understand the same and make the necessary changes on the website as per the knowledge of the online business scenario such that they could convert the incoming high traffic to the desired sales for the success of their online business.

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