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Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For Blogging

WordPress being a choice of a large part of the internet users, this is used by around 75 million users and the counting goes on. This is no doubt one of the best CMS platforms that let users build any kind of website they are intending starting from the e-commerce site to a personal blogging site. WordPress is equipped with all the needed tools using which you can easily build up a great and professional looking website in just a minute. While many already know the features and functionality of this comprehensive CMS (Content management system) there are many still confused and wondering which platform to opt as the best for their blogging purpose.

If this is the situation then here are the top best reasons which explain why WordPress is considered as one of the best CMS for blogging.

Easy set up process:

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WordPress is damn easy to set up and manage. This does not require you to hire other people to develop the website rather everything can be done on your own by going through some easy and small steps. It is a one-click installation process and you will be good to go. After installing WordPress CMS platform what you are required to do is set up the site, customize it and then start using it within minutes. The dashboard is very insightful that make things much easier where managing the post, contents and pages are done hassle-free. Auto update is another useful feature of WordPress that ensures the site will be updated automatically. Just keep uploading new posts and schedule them to publish for the site to run smoothly.

It’s perfectly free:

The second important point that made this one of the best CMS platforms is the basic WordPress package comes completely free and does not contain any hidden charges. So, whether it is about starting a personal blogging site or else you want to open an online store, WordPress will not require you to pay any amount. Just get the CMS and start working on that. However, there are some paid themes and plugins which can be used later on depending on the need. But in the beginning, you can start it bare hands with no money to invest for WordPress platform.

Easy and versatile customization:

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WordPress include a very simple interface and attractive design to attract the beginners as well as expert developers to start their own blogging platform. Even though with time, this platform has become one of the popular CMS platforms but blogging is at its core. And easy customization process is another thing that made it that much popular. Lots of themes and plugins are available in WordPress which can be installed hassle-free to utilize them in your website to make it look as per your way.

Just install the themes, check how they will look in real time as the preview button let you check this after which that can be implemented instantly with a single click of a button. Whereas other platforms that are coded in raw HTML requires some of the knowledge to make some changes things are a lot easier in WordPress.

SEO friendly nature:

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SEO friendly nature is one of the most vital points to look for while you are choosing the blogging platform for you. And thankfully WordPress is just perfect for this as it has inbuilt SEO friendly nature. WordPress let the users create tag and categories in their site which create more site pages that are cataloged by the search engine. Also, the coding in WordPress is really simple which makes it easy for search engine to understand the post. Again the WordPress is designed to resolve the SEO related issue automatically while the SEO implementation can be boosted even more by using some useful plugins. Yoast SEO is one such option to look for in this case.

The SEO friendly nature of WordPress ensures the users are not required to involve in the coding in order to enhance the SEO strategy while the sites based on regular HTML need to focus the information on a more correct way to make them optimized for SEO.

Multi functionality:

Multi-functionality is another feature that made WordPress popular among all. Along with easy setup process and easy customization this platform allows the owner of the site to set users for them so that they can write and post content on the site to make it active. Thus it ensures that WordPress site is user competent through which they can work on multiple facets.

Incredible accessibility:

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This is a common concern of all the bloggers to make their site visible in as many devices and platform possible with little effort and WordPress has come to help here again. Designed with HTML and CSS the WordPress platform ensure any website built in this platform can be appeared on all platform starting from Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc. So, no extra job needed to make your blogging site visible to all the platform. Again this WordPress can be installed wherever you want such as Windows or Linux server, just ensure to have a free license server software and that’s it.

So, easy and incredible accessibility is no doubt a great reason why it is being liked by a large part of the bloggers. This feature also ensures your website will be viewed by as many viewers as possible in the shortest time.

Available on mobile:

With the advent of Smartphone people have almost left the habit of sitting in front of their PC and opted Smartphone rather as the best option to get all their job done. And thankfully WordPress platform is a responsive one which ensures the site built on WordPress will be accessible on the mobile device as well. This is a strong point no doubt to attract more and more people towards using WordPress in place of other platforms. As the website built on WordPress platform is accessible on mobile devices so it automatically enhances the mobility and site visibility and this has made the bloggers to choose WordPress over other blogging platforms.

All kind of mobile platforms is being supported by this CMS platform. So, whether users are using their Android, iOS or other devices, you can be assured that your site will open on all mobile devices regardless the platform.

It is a mature platform:

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The maturity of the platform plays an important role to the bloggers and it is quite obvious that an old platform will be much more stable and secure. As a platform gets old with time, it comes to that age facing various serious issues when they are also being solved by the developers. Thus a mature platform becomes bug-free and secure and highly stable with time. If time is concerned then WordPress is no doubt a great choice that was started back in 2003 and has already crossed 14 years. So, it is a pretty old platform that can offer security, safety, and stability at the same time to its users.

Availability of immense plugins:

Plugins are must to add in the WordPress site that can add functionality in the site and also they are made to perform different tasks in the website. Plugins are just like the house appliances which can accomplish any task hassle free and reduces your effort. Plugins are available for all purposes such as to enhance the security, to make it SEO optimized, to create image sliders and more. These plugins can be added in the website without any prior experience of coding. Just you are required to get them in your website and things will be handled by WordPress in the easier way.

While Plugin directory is accessible through the Dashboard from where you can get the needed plugin, third party plugins are also available to bring changes in the website. Paid and free both type plugins are available, so you can get the one that is required for your website.

Availability of immense themes and layout:

Availability of countless numbers of themes and layout indicates building an attractive website in the WordPress CMS platform is just a matter of second and it does not require any kind of coding or else designing experience. Immense themes and layouts are available in the WordPress directory which requires the users to apply in their WordPress site with a few click and the website can be made to look as one want. Whatever niche or style you are looking for every kind of theme is available in the WordPress directory. The themes include a settings option that let you adjust the layout, logo, visual elements and other things in the website. Again those themes can be personalized by going to appearance customize from the dashboard. Themes are available of all kind such as travel site, e-commerce, fashion, food, digital marketing and more. So, just get the right theme of your choice and make the website as attractive as possible in just a few clicks.

Great community and excellent support:

CMS platform

In case you face any kind of issue with your WordPress website, not to worry at all as the solution will be easily available from the large community, support forum or else you can always Google it. As this is one of the old platforms so, the community is grown to a big one which has numbers of designers, supporters, users, bloggers and other contributors and all of them ensure your issues will be resolved in just a second. When you can be a part of such huge group the worry to suffer from any issue that can affect the outcome will be eliminated immediately.

Most of the problems along with their solutions are available in the support forum with step by step process. With a large number of people using this platform as their blogging site, it is quite common that an issue you are facing today is already been faced by someone else in the past and its answer is posted in the forum. So, the excellent support from the large community is another valid reason to choose WordPress as the best CMS for blogging.

WordPress is improving continuously:

The WordPress that was started in the beginning and the WordPress of today’s date is different in various aspects. The reason is this platform is being improved continuously to meet users demand. The improvements are mainly geared towards users’ need. Every upgrade of WordPress is equipped with new and standard features using which the site proprietor can do a lot to make their website look excellent while functioning as well. So, with this CMS platform for your blogging, you can be assured to stay updated with time and there is fear of being lost in the competition.

No HTML experience required:

Working on WordPress is much easier that do not require any prior experience of coding and HTML. So, whether you have a little technical knowledge or nothing at all, you can easily start working on your WordPress website. Other CMS platform like Joomla and Drupal while require some of the technical knowledge to handle stuff in your website this is not the case with WordPress. All can go ahead to start their own WordPress blogging website regardless their knowledge in HTML or technical field.

This is international:

Whether you are planning to build a website that is only geared towards your own country or else this is meant for the entire world, WordPress is again one of the best choices in that case as well. Already mentioned above that this platform is a factory of different kinds of Plugin and plugins for translating the site in different languages are also available which ensures all across the globe can view your blog.

CMS platform

So, these are the reasons why WordPress is being considered as one of the best CMS for blogging. Even though this is mainly a blogging platform but with time WordPress has come a long way and offered different features to use it for various purposes. WordPress is highly flexible and the addition of plugins enhances the flexibility and functionality, even more, to make it the best choice.

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