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How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to WordPress Websites?

Social sharingSocial network is more and more popular and active nowadays. With millions of users interacting with each other, it has great spreadability that a simple piece of information can be reshared thousands of times in a short time by all kinds of people on the Internet. So, it is an easy and effective method to promote websites worldwide. By adding social media sharing buttons on your WordPress websites, all your visitors are able to share your great content with their friends.

This tutorial shows the easy tips and detailed steps to add social media sharing buttons to WordPress pages /posts. Once you published an appealing post / page, readers can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social networks without leaving your website.

Sociable WordPress Plugin to Add Sharing Button

Sociable is one of the most popular WordPress plugin for social sharing. It is totally free to use, widely used by more than 2 millions websites. It allows users to add the share button at anywhere they want, even inside the content. Additionally, it is also easy to use. Compare to other plugins require to adding new meta keys, it has a setting panel in the posts admin page that allows users to choose which social sharing buttons to show and in what order. With this, users can choose the more relevant social sharing buttons for their articles.

At present, this plugin supports almost all of the main social networks, including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on. You can selectively choose some of them to use in your posts.

Sociable WordPress plugin

Install Sociable

First of all, you need to install this plugin on your WordPress website. Login into the Dashboard, click Plugins – > Add New to install plugins. You are able to search the plugin online or upload a Zip file uploaded from Here, we just search Social online and install it directly.

search plugin

Enter the plugin name to search it. Click the Install Now to install it and your WordPress will automatically download the package, unpacking and then install it. This process contains for several minutes, and you can just wait for it. Once installed, you can click the Active Plugin button to active it.

active plugin

Select Sociable Option

Once activated the plugin, there is a Select Sociable Plugin added into your menu list. Click it, and you are required to choose the plugin presentation as Skyscraper Sociable or Classic Sociable. The Skyscraper Social displays icons in a floating bar while the Classic Sociable inserts the buttons in the website interface.


As we have introduced a guide of add a floating social bar in WordPress before, we currently select the Classic Sociable, which can display the social media icons as well as social sharing buttons like Facebook Like button, Google+ +1 button, and so on so that readers can like or +1 your content without leaving the web page. See the Classic Sociable as the following.


Configure The Settings

Then, you can configure the plugin with the following features:

  • Tagline: you can change the default tagline to engage readers reshare your content.
  • Icons to include: you can select the social media icons you want to display on your website.
  • Icon size: you can define icons size as 16×16 pixels, 32×32 pixels, 48x48x pixels, and 64×64 pixels.
  • Icon Style: you can choose the style of icons to match your website design.
  • Locations: you can select the locations that you wish to allow the plugin to insert itself.
  • General Options: you can decide whether use automatic mode, style sheet, use your own icons, images, alpha mask, etc.
  • After finishing the settings, simply click save changes button at last.

At present, you can publish a post and see the social sharing buttons like the following.


Alternative WordPress Plugins for Adding Social Share Buttons

These button plugins for WordPress designed sites offer a chance to add and embed any buttons needed by a webmaster, and allow for the customization of the colors, gradients, transitions, shadows and icons.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg is an all in one WordPress plugin for social sharing. It is a floating share bar that makes it as easy as pie for readers to share your content. Going with Digg Digg, you have completely flexibility and can make it as your own. You can display it in vertical or horizontal. You can make it for floating or stay static. Or you can design it with some different buttons.

Digg Digg WordPress plugin

Get Social

Get Social provides an intelligent, lightweight and quick to setup floating social media bar to your posts. It is along with out-of-the-box functionality and the new Buffer, Pinterest button, and compatible with almost all of the leading web browsers. Now, it is widely powering more than 34 million pages and 50 thousand blogs.

Get Social WordPress plugin

Share This

Of course, it’s wise to get the best WordPress plugin Share This for sharing. Because it will give more options on the look of your buttons and ways to share. You can choose from more than 120 social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. And you can selectively use small or large buttons, add counters or use one of the sharing bars.

Moreover, this plugin allows you analyze your share results. You can clearly see the social quality index of, click backs, know the shares, social traffic and more. Even you can see which post is shared, how many people share it, and which channel it was shared to. With this feature, you can easily improve your content and customize your website for the most popular social channel for more traffic.

Share This WordPress plugin

Share Bar

Share Bar is also an useful WordPress plugin for social sharing. For the wide websites, a bar with welcomed sharing icons displays on the left of your post, and when the page is modified below 1000 px, the vertical bar will disappear, and a horizontal share bar appears on the post title. As well, you can change nearly everything about the plugin from the share bar settings page. Lastly, you can also change the way the Share bar itself look by modifying the CSS found in the plugin folder.

Share This WordPress plugin

Share Buttons by AddToAny

AddToAny is provided to help the users share, bookmark and also email the pages and posts with the solid integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Reddit, Tumblr and many more. Over one hundred sharing and social sites use this service. This plugin is highly customizable. Also, with the help of the social share icons, user can optimize the blog posts and webpages of a site for better networking engagement.


Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder performs the duties as described by its name. It adds the share buttons to all the posts and pages in the website easily. It is very simple to use, and does not hotlink the current site to another website in order to slow it down. The plugin allows users to upload and to use their personal images for button customization. The features are familiar to any WordPress user since it has a self-explanatory admin screen.

simple share buttons adder

Share Buttons by E-MAILiT

E-MAILiT can be integrated at any position at the user’s site or blog. There is a searchable menu for every applicable service that displays the most popular ones by default. This share button plugin has a lot of users as it can show or hide the counter, or completely remove the button from the pages and posts. Share Buttons can also be placed at the top and bottom position of a page or article, allow social states without registration, and setup a Twitter handle. Also, it can be used to share links to Twitter.


Really Simple Share

Really Simple Share button shows Twitter, Facebook and many other social media share buttons on top or bottom of the user’s posts. These buttons are easily customized through the Settings menu in no time. The plugin differentiates itself with the rest of the other sharing plugins as it only aims at using original codes that are used by the social networks. It does request the users to register for a key in order to use it. These social buttons are loaded by default and can be configured easily.

really simple facebook twitter share buttons


MaxButtons builds amazing CSS3 buttons that can be useful in many posts and pages created using WordPress. This button plugin is easy to use as it makes it is fast to create and integrate an awesome button. It requires no coding, and contains a color picker that has unlimited color combinations. The plugin allows easy customization of the site and also works with all the modern browsers. MaxButtons has a Pro version with increased features and more improvements.


Hupso Share Buttons

Hupso Share Buttons has a slick and minimalist design. Hupso adds social share buttons that are simple to use in the user’s articles. The plugin helps easy access to share the user’s content through the most-famous social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. These share buttons are extremely easy to configure. All the users need to do is to select the button specifications and the social media. With the proper creation and integration, they can appear on the articles. It supports over 73 international languages.

hupso share buttons

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Pinterest “Pin It” Button adds a simple “Pin It” button to all the user’s posts within two minutes. There is no need for the user to copy/paste the code all the time in the WordPress site. “Pin It” has a pro version that contains for more features. The button allows the user to integrate with the social medium site through the ability to share content. It is compatible with WooCommerce, offers customer service and can automatically update itself.

pinterest pin it button


Shareaholic has proven its worth as an extremely useful tool that can bring success. Containing advanced features that amplify the user’s content, Shareaholic can develop conversations all through the web. Shareaholic allows the user to submit the articles through social media and creates awareness to the public and bookmarking sites. It is localized with over fifteen languages form all over the world. The code is very simple and extremely secure.


Crafty Social Buttons

Crafty Social can add a couple of social media buttons to the websites that integrate with some crafty-related social networks such as Ravelry, Crafty, Pinterest and Etsy. The user has the chance of choosing from an array of nine diverse button styles that can match with the website design. These share buttons can either be added on top or at the bottom of the page or post, and the link buttons can be placed using widgets.

crafty social buttons

Floating Button

Floating Button is used to insert ads, survey or any other additional content without necessarily having to make any changes to the theme. The plugin is placed above the site, and the functionality is implemented. Upon clicking the button by the visitors, they are provided with another window with the necessary content. To customize it, the user can use the admin panel with the settings.

profit button

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